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Digital Retinal Screening & Glaucoma Screening

Updating your glasses prescription isn’t the only part of sound vision care.

We can’t place enough emphasis on preventive care. As a result, Digital Retinal Screening is included in all of our comprehensive eye exams, regardless of your age.

Why go to ELH for your Digital Retinal Screening & Glaucoma Screening?

Quick & Easy

One of the most trusted imaging processes that is not invasive. We have skilled and trained technicians and physicians that will assist you.

Easily Targets Problems Areas

We provide detailed images of the various structures of the retina and can show abnormalities that may threaten normal vision.

Location Near You

      My stay was short, problem was diagnosed, and I have no complaints. All personnel was friendly and cordial. Everyone acted very professional, in the performance of their duty.

      Eurskine L.  | ELH Patient


      Who should have Digital Retinal Screening?

      • Diabetic patients – for diagnosing and monitoring diabetic retinopahty which can lead to loss of vision
      • Glaucoma patients – for early detection of even the slightest changes to the optic never that could lead to the gradual loss of peripheral vision.
      • Patients with Macular Degeneration – for diagnosing and monitoring age-related macular degeneration (AMD) for prevention in severe vision loss.
      • Patients with other Retinal Diseases and Disorders – for aid in diagnosis, monitoring and treatment
      • Patients with healthy eyes (adults and children) – to establish a healthy baseline, which can aid in the detection of any unusual changes or disease in the future

      What is Digital Retinal Screening?

      A process where high-resolution, digital photographs are taken of the retina, or interior portion of your eye. The color photograph, taken with a specialized retinal camera, provides detailed images of the various structures of the retina and can show abnormalities that may threaten normal vision. Not only will this screening help your doctor accurately diagnose and document any diseases or conditions you may have,  it will also provide a baseline for comparison with previous and future visits. Subsequently, it will help monitor disease progression.

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